Frequently Asked Questions


What is gifting?

Gifting is a unique feature on the HipBar website and app that you can use to gift drinks to friends. Recipients (at locations where HipBar is operational) can send the gift card to redeem any drink on the HipBar platform.

What are HipBar gift cards?

Gifting on the HipBar app/website can be done only through HipBar gift cards. Every product on the catalog can be redeemed with a gift card associated with that product. Senders can choose a drink they want to gift and send over the appropriate product gift card.

How do I send a gift card?

Tap START GIFTING on the homepage -> Enter recipient details -> Choose drink -> Add to gift basket -> Add a personal message (optional) -> Pay & Checkout

What is my gift card validity?

A gift card is valid for one year from the sent date. For example, if the sender sent you the gift card on 10th Oct 2018, it will be valid till 09th Oct 2019. If the gift card has expired, please ping us through chat or write to us at [email protected].

Can I gift to someone who isn’t a HipBar user?

No problem! You can still send over a gift card. However, to redeem it, the recipient will 1) have to be present in locations where HipBar is operational and 2) register on the HipBar app with the same number that you (the sender) entered in the recipient’s phone number field at the time of sending the card.

Will the gift card be home-delivered?

No. The recipient will receive a digital gift card on the HipBar app if he/she is a user already. If not, they must sign up with the phone number the sender entered at the time of gifting, to see the gift card on the HipBar app.

Will the drinks I’m gifting be delivered?

No. The recipient must pick up the drinks at a HipBar-affiliated retail store using the HipBar app.

Can the recipient redeem the gift card at any location?

No. To redeem a gift card through the HipBar app, the recipient must be present at the locations where HipBar is operational. Please check the app for more details.

How do I cancel a gift card that I have sent?

Cancelling gift card is possible only through the HipBar app. Go to Transaction History >> Gifts Sent >> Cancel Gift Card (bottom left corner) Please note that you cannot cancel a gift card once the recipient has redeemed (partially/wholly) the same.

Will I get my money back after canceling a gift card that I’ve sent?

Yes. On cancellation, the amount will be refunded via your mode of payment in 5-7 working days.

Are gift cards transferable?

No, gift cards are not transferable.


I have received a gift card, how do I redeem it?

To redeem a gift card, follow the steps below: 1. Visit a HipBar-affiliated store as indicated on the app 2. Click on the "Gifting" icon on the bottom of the screen to see the product(s) gifted to you. 3. Add to cart & pay 4. Scan the QR code/ enter the shop code to complete the transaction 5. Collect product(s).

The product I want to redeem isn't available at the store. What do I do?

In case this unfortunate incident occurs, you can... 1) Try another HipBar-affiliated store (or) 2) Choose to add the value of the gift card to your gift wallet and use it to redeem any product of your choice (You can also add money to this amount to redeem a higher value product)

Gift Card has expired. What do I do?

Please ping us through chat or write to us at [email protected].